5 Affordable Vegan Breakfasts for Winter Days

We all know that a good breakfast sets us up for a great day! Check out these five taste-tested and approved recipes that will get even the darkest winter day off to a bright start.

Breakfast Bars

Recipe Here!

These warm breakfast bars are something else. They have a delightful consistency and are sweet enough to make you come back for seconds while also containing oatmeal and almond butter to feel nutritionally satisfying. I like to make a big batch and eat it for the whole week!


Recipe Here!

There are tons of great vegan quiche recipes out there. I personally hate spinach, so I opted for mushrooms, onions, and "bacon" instead. I brought this to work for a party, and the other staff were incredulous that I would make something non-vegan. Obviously it was 100% vegan, but they couldn't believe it!! The vegan cheese and egg make this recipe more pricey than the others, but it is filling and makes for several servings.

Yogurt and Berries

Sometimes even on cooler days we need something invigorating like yogurt and berries to start the day. I  like to use a vanilla yogurt and mix in fresh organic berries. You might be surprised about how reasonably priced berries can be, even in winter. Don't pass up the fruit section in the produce department!


Recipe Here!

I tested this one out on a morning when I had a little more time. While it definitely takes a bit to make these, they are super fun and really tasty. May I strongly recommend that you make sure the beet is completely liquified... as I ended up finding some tiny and not-so-tasty chunks of beet in mine.


Sometimes you don't have much time to whip something up in the kitchen. For those days, run out and grab a donut! If you don't have a local donut shop that carries vegan donuts (my absolute fave is Vegan Donut Gelato in Oakland, CA) it's possible that your local Whole Foods will have some.

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