The Battle for Egg-cellence: VeganEgg v. Just Egg

TLDR: We love you, Hampton Creek, but Follow Your Heart is more egg-ceptional in this arena.

VeganEgg by Follow Your Heart was released a few years ago and Just Egg by Hampton Creek was recently brought to a store near you. The question is: who is the all-around winner (aside from hens and their babies, obvs)?

Just Egg

I mixed the Just Egg in a pan with tomatoes, nutritional yeast, and kalamata olives. Once cooked I topped generously with hot sauce.

Pros: Quick
Cons: Expensive, not super tasty


For the VeganEgg I simply went with nutritional yeast (which I stirred into the egg while it's still in the bowl), pepper, and a dash of hot sauce. When making the VeganEgg HEAD THEIR ADVICE and use ice cold water, otherwise you will not get the desired result.

Pros: Less expensive, tasty, and egg-y
Cons: Takes preparation and time to make

Conclusion: While Just Egg is not bad, it does not have the same quality flavor as VeganEgg. Additionally, I feel like I get more for my money with the VeganEgg. Just Egg certainly is more convenient, but in the end, I am sticking with the VeganEgg.

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