6 Sizzlin' Vegan Bacon Replacements

"But bacon!" We've all heard it. Many people seem stunned that vegans choose to forgo such an apparently important "food group." What they don't realize is that going vegan doesn't mean giving up anything, it just means eating a (usually more delicious and definitely more heart-healthy) plant-based alternative!

Here are six vegan bacons that'll make your mouth water...

Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon

Smothered in their signature smoky hickory sage sauce, Sweet Earth has outdone itself by creating protein-packed, cholesterol-free vegan bacon. You can find it in the refrigerated and frozen section of many grocery stores, including Whole Foods!

Lightlife Smart Bacon

Lightlife's classic Smart Bacon is free of both saturated fat and cholesterol. With a delicious, hearty taste, it goes great with scrambled tofu, on top of a burger, or simply by itself.

Upton's Naturals Bacon Seitan

The longer you cook it, the crispier these strips of plant-based heaven get. Pop this smoky bacon by Upton's Naturals on a BLT, a salad, a pizza, or whatever else your heart desires. Even better? A portion of all proceeds from the Bacon Seitan retail packages go to helping pigs at a Farm Sanctuary!

Tofurky Smoky Maple Bacon

You know it, you love it. Tofurky dabbles in a little bit of everything, including making delicious vegan bacon from tempeh. Try it on a BLT slathered with Vegenaise!

Phoney Baloney Coconut Bacon

Though not a classic strip of bacon, Phoney Baloney's Coconut Bacon has mastered the art of sweet and savory. It is the perfect addition to everything from salads, pizza, and baked potatoes to ice cream. You can also eat it as a yummy snack right out of the bag.

Vegan Magic Bacon Grease

The Canada-based company Vegan Magic has done a bit of "magic" and created bacon grease with no palm oil, MSG, preservatives, or animal products of any kind. It has a non-GMO coconut base and is great for frying, cooking, baking, or anything else one might use traditional bacon grease for.

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