Very Vegan Ways to Say "I Love You"

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Surprise Them at Work

Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday! While that may not be as fun as, say, a Sunday, it gives you the opportunity to surprise your partner at work with anything ranging from a note in their lunch to a vase of flowers to a mariachi band.

Set the Mood with Vegan Candles

The Good Candle Company boasts 5 star ratings on Etsy and is based in Seattle, WA. The message on the candle can be customized, giving you the opportunity to make it even more romantic and personal. The last day to order Valentine's candles is February 8th (though they do have a "rush my order option" for Feb 11th and 12th). Order here! What are you waiting for, get yours now!

Get Bubbly

The candles are lit and you're starting to relax. Draw a bath and sink in. Don't forget a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar for some extra fun and added bliss. Lush tells us that "Unicorn Horn bubble bar, Love Island shower scrub, Open Your Heart Bubble Bra, Love Token reusable bubble bar, Six (Yellow And Pink) bubble bar, Six (Yellow And Green) bubble bar, Peachy, Eggplant are vegan!"

Rub Down

You have not lived until you have experienced whipped chocolate body butter. You will smell like a snack. In the best way. In all seriousness, massaging this onto your partner is sure to be amazing for both of you. Send a message here to place your order!

Give a Special Card

I love Good Paper cards. You can find them in different shops, including many Whole Foods. Not only are they expertly handcrafted, they are made by survivors who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines. They have several cute ones for Valentine's Day!

Give the Gift of Chocolate

Sjaak's chocolates are legitimately life-changing. All of Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates are vegan. This wonderful family business makes incredible delights that your sweetheart is sure to fall head over heels for! If you needed another reason, dark chocolate is a libido-boosting treat ;-)

What could be better than the gift of sponsoring a farm animal at a sanctuary? Just make sure to do your homework, because unfortunately some sanctuaries are not what they seem. One of our favorites is Animal Place in Grass Valley, CA!

Make Them Some Food

Maybe you're into preparing a three course vegan extravaganza and serving it by candlelight. Or maybe you're into picking up the new vegan burger at Carl's Jr.. Either way, no judgement, but there is something magical about providing someone with food that has been created for love.

Alternatively - if you're as single as I am, get something for your cat.

Benjamin is pictured with a catnip heart from Rosy's! You really can buy love <3

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all.

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