Accidentally Vegan Chips That'll Become Your Next Obsession

You've seen them lining the chip aisles in grocery stores and you've spotted them at parties, but you may not have known their secret... that all of these fantastic chips are completely vegan! Feast your eyes and your stomach on these seven flavorful snacks made without harm.

Pop Chips's Barbeque Chips

Pop Chips are the greatest potato chips in the world and I will not be convinced otherwise. Plus, they're never fried, meaning they have all the flavor and half the fat. Their barbeque flavor is incredibly tasty without weighing heavily on your tummy, so you can eat a whole bag... or two.

Kettle Brand's Pepperoncini Flavor

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Crave worthy.

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Kettle Brand can be found pretty much anywhere and their chips pack a serious flavor punch. A Pepperoncini chip flavor may sound a bit odd but trust me: these are literally one of the best things I've ever placed in my mouth.

Ruffles All Dressed

Not only is this potato chip giant iconic, hungry snackers can dive into Ruffles's unique All Dressed chip for a Canadian flavor pallet that will make their taste buds sing.

Kettle Brand's Maple Bacon Flavor

Yep, you read that right. Kettle Brand's Maple Bacon chips are completely vegan, combining smoking bacon, maple syrup, and a subtle spiciness. It's really good.

Tim's Jalapeño Chips

Made in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Tim's Cascade Style Potato Chips have multiple vegan flavors, but their jalapeño chips are sure to satisfy spice-lovers.

Doritos's Spicy Sweet Chili Flavor

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No need to fear, Spicy Sweet Chili is here.

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Doritos claims their Spicy Sweet Chili flavor is for the bold, but I would argue this bomb-a$$ chip is for everyone. In fact, it's a great chip for hiding in your room alone and watching Netflix (I know from experience).

Fritos Original Corn Chips

You know them, you love them: The Original Fritos Corn Chips need no introduction and can be eaten in a myriad of ways. Toss 'em with guacamole, dip 'em in salsa, there's no wrong way to enjoy 'em.

What's your favorite accidentally vegan chip? Comment below!

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