4 Quick Tips for Vegan Shoe Shopping

It can sometimes feel daunting walking into a department store full of shoes and not knowing which ones are made from leather and which are animal-free. These four little tips should help make the shopping process a whole lot easier.

Shop at Vegan Companies

One way to avoid buying shoes made with animal skin is by shopping at ethical companies who's mission is to create vegan fashion. If there isn't a store like that near you, most retailers sell online as well. You can do a quick Google search for "vegan shoe companies" and you'll find many wonderful brands. Here are just a few to get you started: Moo Shoes, Rothy's, Brave GentleMan, Love is Mighty, Mohop, and Rungg.

Make a List

Knowing which brands are "safe" before you even step foot in a store can also be incredibly helpful. For example, I love shopping at DSW (I'm always on the hunt for those sweet, sweet deals), where you'll find rows and rows of shoes from all sorts of designers. As I shop, in the back of my mind I'm familiar with shoe brands that don't often use leather and keep an eye out for them. Brands like Unisa, Journee Collection, and Bare Traps tend to use manmade materials, while more expensive brands like Lucky Brand, Clarks, and Marc Fisher stick with real leather. Payless is a great spot to find affordable shoes because so many of their products just happen to be vegan!

Check the Shoe Tag

The shoe's tag often (conveniently!) lists the materials for its "Upper," "Lining" and "Sole." Words like "man-made materials," "faux suede," "rubber," "fabric," "PVC," and "polyurethane" mean the shoe is safe for vegans. Avoid shoes with descriptions like "suede," "fur," "leather," and "coated leather."

Keep an Eye on the Symbols

Some shoe labels use symbols to identify the type of materials used. The star and the grid mean the shoe is vegan, while the two other symbols mean animal materials were utilized.  

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